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Why Us?

The mobile market is explosive throughout the world and many people are having their first internet experience on a smartphone.  As much as we lobe the Internet as a communications backbone, it really needs a filter to make it useable.  Those filters were browsers, then search engines then destinations sites and contenta aggregators.  The next filter for the Internet is going to applications for two reasons.  The first is based on the relatively small size of size of the device and the second is simply because its easier.   One touch access to what you want, when you want it.

As a business or brand, you fight every day to gain your customer attention in an increasingly cluttered world.  There have been lots of tools and technologies developed to reduce the clutter but one fact remains … you can’t get better than a one to one communication channel.

There where offering you customers an app specific to your business comes in.  This gives them one touch, immediate access to the great things about your business … from your products, services, and locations to your specials, promotions, and coupons.  All right there on your customers phone so when you have a promotion, they will get it immediately.  And is they want to share it with friends, they can do that to.

Appticity, connecting businesses with their customers.