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Building your smartphone application using Appticity means that both you and your customers will have access to huge amount of features that will make your smartphone personalized for yoru business and relevant to your customers.

Key Features for Businesses

Rapid Account Creation – Start building your smartphone application within minutes

Highly Visual – Allows you to easily add and change your information

Cross Platform Solution – We support iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms

One to One Marketing – Create your presence on your customers most personal device

Maximize Your Reach - Complete Integration with Social Media Channels for adding and sharing information

Create Promotions Fast – Create and send specials, promotions, and coupons ┬áto your customers … directly to their app as well as to your social media channels.

Benefits for your Customers

One Touch Access to All your Business Information - No messy typing in a mobile browser, no waiting on slow data connections.

Access to Special Promotions – Reward your customers with smartphone only promotions

Badge Alerts / Notifications – No wondering if there’s a promotion, when you send a new promotion, they receive a push notification message and a badge alert.