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Press & Media

Appticity is a startup in on of the hottest growth sectors in the world, smartphone applications.  We are smart, agressive, opinionated and don’t mind sharing our views on the state of the mobile industry as well as how we believe smartphones and the applications that we build will change the world.

Recent Press Releases

September 14, 2010 – Appticty Officially Launches At BIA/Kelsey Digital Media Strategies Conference

August 21, 2010 – Appticity Develops First iPhone Application.

August 15, 2010 – Appticty, AT&T Interactive, and Sponsor BIA/Kelsey DMS ’10 Conference

Media, Writers, Editors, and Analysts, we’re a startup, you get direct access to the founders of Appticity.  You don’t need to schedule a meeting, just pick up the phone and call 415-367-5676. Anytime.