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Where’s Your Emotional Product?

appticity | September 19, 2010

I just spent a week listening to Local Media companies and the vendors that support local media, talk about challenges, opportunities and the need for ‘transparency.’  The transparency relates to fully exposing the performance and metrics related to the 20 + products they offer to local, regional, and national accounts. I am not going to stand on the island alone and say performance, metrics and transparency aren’t important, they are …. BUT here is my question to local media companies … Where is your emotional product?  The one that opens the door for your sales people.  The one that your business customers, regardless of size,  will free up more budget for? Stop looking, it is MISSING.  UNLESS YOU’RE APPLE, YOU DONT HAVE ONE.

The ‘Emotional Product,’ the trojan horse that opens the door and let’s the warriors (a/k/a performance, metric-drive products) in the door, is 100% MISSING.

This is the product that gets your sales people AMP’d, your customers excited, and the industry talking and it is MISSING.

I am working on a White Paper on this very topic.  If you are a CEO, CMO, CIO, VP or Director of ‘anything’ related to Local Media …. you dont have to ask for it, I am going to send it you.

It’s my Jerry MaGuire memo to the world.

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